It is a rarity in the Alternative music scene in Argentina. Always mutant and different, in their shows they mix Music, Performance, Dance, unconventional lighting, Costumes and Technology. Do not repeat yourself, look for surprise is a trademark of the Project. With 11 years of experience, tours throughout the USA (New York), CANADA (Montreal), and more than 20 tours in BRAZIL (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Manaus, Porto Alegre, Belém, Matto Grosso, Amazonas ) has 6 released albums and more than a dozen singles and Eps that have collaborations such as Ca7triel, Sof Tot (Fémina), Lula Bertoldi (Eruca Sativa), Lalo Mir, HTML, Rare fish, Nico Sorin (Octafonic). Led by Rodrigo Gomez on vocals, drums, dobro guitar (former drummer for Gordoloco trio and Open 24), with Pablo Bursztyn on Synthesizers and Production, and Fernán Mareque on Synthesizers, samples and noise.


Musicians / producers: Gomez, Pablo Bursztyn, Fernán Mareque.
Illuminators / Performers (FLUXLIAN): Martín Flugelman, Ian Greiner, Ramón Pajuá, Axel Rothbart.
Dancers / Performers (808): Florencia Gleizer, Mica Ghioldi, Ana Giura.
Sound Technician: Patricio Baumann (operator), Pacha Luzniak.
Light Technique: Pilar Zeta. VJing: Martín Carpaneto.
Clothing design: Marcelo Ortega (UNMO CLOTHINK).
Photography: Pablo Mekler.

Production, management, booking: 432 hertz
Editorial Stamp: Concepto Cero


Solo Set / Solo set + Ballerinas / Solo set + Performers highlighters
Trio / Trio + Dancers / Trio + illuminating performers
Complete Company

PGC has the possibility of making different presentation formats depending on the space and festival or event proposal. ·

SOLO SET: Rodrigo Gomez as multi-instrumentalist performs with Drums, Dobro Guitar, Effects and Voices. ·
ONLY SET + DANCERS: 1 or 2 dancers are attached (808)
ONLY SET + PERFORMERS ILLUMINATORS: 1 or 2 illuminators / performers (Fluxlian) are attached to it, which perform a visual lighting with non-traditional artifacts.
TRIO: 2 instrumentalists, bass and synthesizers are coupled.
TRIO + DANCERS: 3 musicians + 2 dancers (808).
TRIO + FLXLN: 3 musicians + 2 or 3 lighting performers (Fluxlian).
COMPLETE COMPANY: 3 musicians + 3 dancers (808) + 4 illuminators / performers (Fluxlian) depending on the show proposal, from 3 to 10 dancers can be included.